Moringa Oil Uses

Truly a miracle plant, the Moringa tree is famous in areas across Africa and India for its miraculous healing properties and powerful nutrients. The Moringa plant has been used for centuries in various regions of these huge land masses and was traded along the famous silk roads of China during the Classical Period of history. Merchants knew and told tales of the wonderful healing properties of these species of pant. Those who traded with the merchants for the Moringa leaves and in some cases the Moringa tree were delighted to discover the wide range of uses for this plant. The roots, leaves and flowers of the Moringa Oleifer, Sonjna Moringa and other varieties of the Moringa plant have more vitamin A and C, and more potassium than many other plants in the fruits and vegetable foods group. The Moringa tree has been used from everything from a beauty product to medicine to a flavor enhancement in cooking.

For centuries, Moringa has been well known for its anti-aging and detoxifying agents restoring youth and vigor to bodies as they get older. Moringa oil is especially beneficial to aging skin. Derived from the Moninga leaves, Moringa oil can be rubbed onto the surface of your skin to add and capture moisture into the skin sealing in essential amino acids that make the skin softer and smoother. Moringa oil gives the skin a youthful appearance and a softer feel. To obtain the oil in ancient times, natives would crush the Moringa leaf with a rock or rounded stick and collect the oil into bowls. The oil would then be used as ointment to help heal wounds and to help with slow the effects of aging skin.

When used a hair care product, Moringa oil can be helpful to lift dirt out of the hair, leaving it with a sleek and silky shine. The Vitamin A so plentiful in Moringa oil is particularly good for restoring moisture and health to a dry, dandruff infected scalp. Many people in Africa and India that have been using Moringa oil for centuries on their hair, bodies and for cooking know the wonders of this marvelous plant which is why the plan is still in use today.

A form of Moringa oil can also be used in cooking whereby a body may take in the benefits of these essential amino acids by ingesting them internally. Moringa cooking oil has a pleasant flavor and is remarkably clean burning unlike the fatty oils of meat and olive oil. High in vitamins A and C, Moringa cooking oil is a healthy enhancement to any meal. Not only for cooking and baking, but Moringa oil can be used on salads to add a fresh and healthy flavor to an otherwise dull meal.

Moringa leaf powder has been used for medicinal purposes by the ancients. This leaf power can easily be used as a tea that has a calming effect on the patient. It is also packed with essential amino acids that are great for a body that is spending all of its energy trying to recover from an illness. These essential amino acids in the Moringa Oleifera, Sonjna Moringa and other varieties found in West Bengal India are what helped the Moringa plant to earn the nickname, “Tree of Life”.

Moringa: The Tree of Life

A form of Moringa oil can also be used in cooking whereby a body may take in the benefits of these essential amino acids by ingesting them internally. Moringa cooking oil has…. Learn more at Moringa and Tree


  1. Great post! Moringa oil is used in variety of products such as in anti-aging creams, hair care products, perfumes and deodorants. Moringa oil cleansing improves your skin softness.

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