Unlimited Benefits of Acai Berry Capsules

The reference to 100 acai berry is regarding the purest form of the fruit, be it in juice, powder or other processed forms.

Vegetarianism – What Is It About?

Vegetarians have always had the image of being on the fringe. In the Fifties, they were the Beatniks and in the following decades, they were the Hippies. Vegetarians have always been shown as people with long hair, wearing sandals and clad in clothes woven from natural products. Weirdos, some would say.

Blueberries – Super Fruit Or Hype?

Some individuals have always stated that some fruits, nuts or vegetables are super foods. This is a controversial topic, yet it has to be the case that some foodstuffs are better for you than others, but whether it is reasonable to hype up a foodstuff for a quick sale is another topic. Blueberries are a case in point. Are blueberries a super fruit or not?

3 French Dip Sandwich Recipes

French dip sandwich recipes are very popular. The French dip sandwich was discovered by accident by a Frenchman, but he was not living in France. He had emigrated to the United States and was living in Los Angeles. Philippe Mathieu had opened his sandwich bar and delicatessen known as ‘Philippe The Original’ on North Alameda Street in 1908, but the Eureka moment came ten years later when a policeman came in to buy a beef sandwich.

The Constituents Of Food: Some Facts

It is very useful to know something concerning the most common constituents of foodstuffs, so that you can use this information to your advantage whilst selecting and cooking food. The more you know about the constituents of food the better prepared you will be to choose the best method of preparing that food. In this piece we will talk about some constituents of food.

Crock Pots – Are They Any Good?

Have you ever used a crock pot? Or what we call a slow cooker in the UK? My father gave me a crock pot for Christmas twenty-five years ago and I only had to replace it, because it got stolen. Some thief must have heard the were great and pinched it for his wife.