Friendster Finally Accepted Its Defeat With Facebook

“You can’t compete with Facebook. They did a good job. It’s a Facebook world,” said Nikolai Galicia with humility. Galicia is the Friendster and MOL country manager for the Philippines. Facebook has grown undefeated GIANT of all social networking sites. They simple did a good job that no other social networking sites was able to […]

Super Bacteria Found in India

It’s been quite a while when antibiotic was created and was discovered by Alexander Flemming. This antibiotic was very useful in a lots of ways in terms of curing different illness. However, there’s a new strain of bacteria discovered in India. This new bacteria is known as NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-lactamase-1) can cause serious cholera, […]

How To Qualify For DepEd Summer Job


Just a few days ago, we announced that DepEd offers summer job for students. Here’s how to qualify: 1. Passing grades during the last school term attended. 2. Parents’ combined annual net income must not exceed P143,000. 3. Aged 15-25 years old will be employed for 40 days and will be paid the minimum daily […]

DepEd Offers Summer Jobs For Students and Out of School Youth

DepEd offers summer jobs for students and out of school youth. Instead of having a vacation and spending money, DepEd encourages the students to work for them so that they can have something for enrollment for the next school year. This page requires a higher version browser For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, […]

Admirable Japanese People

Japanese people suffered a lot from the disaster that struck the nation. A very strong earthquake shook them and the unstoppable tsunami wiped out their homes and belongins. Despite of all these things that happened to them, discipline, civility, unity and heroism can be seen with these people. I have been watching the news for […]

P12 New Minimum Fare Hike?

Jeepney transport group “1 Utak” are asking for a minimum fare hike of 12 pesos. About a month ago, the jeepney fare increased to a minimum of P8. Right now they are asking to raise it to a minimum P12. I say this is ridiculous. It is true that the petrol prices are all time […]

Super Moon This March

What is super moon?  Super moon refers to the position of the moon itself where it is closest to earth.  Some websites and some people who believes in astrologies, psychics and other unnatural beings are expressing their concern that there will be a great catastrophe that will occur this March 19.  It is funny that some […]

Radiation Scare False Alarm

About 1PM early this afternoon, a text message spread throughout Manila asking people to take shelter when it rains because of the radiation brought by the rain shower. “PAALALA: 6:30 in the afternoon sumabog ung isang nuclear powerplant sa Fukushima.  Kapag umulan daw mamaya at bukas, wala daw lalabas.  Kung nasa labas kayo, siguraduhin nyong […]

Very Strong Earthquake Hit Japan

Japan Earthquake

Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the strongest earthquake in at least 100 years.  This earthquake that shook Japan  created a huge tsunami that washed away homes, vehicles bridges and other properties. Tsunami alert were also given to 50 nations especially those along in the Pacific.   Flights going to Japan were also suspended. Photos […]

Flor Contemplacion’s Husband and Sons in Jail

It is so sad to think that the husband and sons of the “hero of the modern times” are all in jail because of drugs.  Judge Agripino Morga of San Pablo City Regional Trial Court Branch 32 handed down his guilty verdict on Sandrex Contemplacion together with his twin siblings Jun-jun and Joel Contemplacion. Efren […]